This is what happens when there’s an 10 minutes of class left and my teacher is done for the day
I don’t know why I just love genderbent Equius
I don’t think I’ve drawn someone upside down before 
Nothing like drawing Vriska to relax for an evening after a long day
I forgot I drew him
I saw a picture of him as a kid just couldn’t stop myself

So my dad gave me this photo to edit and turn into the following two

I feel as though I should start these soon as I’ll need the money for my second year of college and I’ll have more time this summer and during my school year and next summer to do so.
Here are the details

Lineart: 2$
Flat Colours: 3$

Lineart: 4$
Flat Colours: 5$
Shading: 6$

Lineart: 6$
Flat Colours: 7$
Shading: 8$

Lineart: 8$
Flat Colours: 9$
Shading: 10$

Lineart: 3$
Flat Colours: 4$
Shading: 5$
Extra character are 3$
Colour or Transparent background is your choice
A detailed background is 5$
Lines, curves or gradient are 1$
I will not draw
Complex scenery
Exess voilence/gore
Realistic Dogs, Horses, Big Cats (ie Lions, Tigers etc)
I will draw
Small animals
Animorphics (Human/Animal people ex. Cat People, Mermaids
Make sure a reference is included so I’m drawing the right version of the character you want
If you wish to make a commission please email me at and make the subject COMMISSION so I know what you want. You are allowed to send the request on Tumblr, but I’d like to have on email to keep a better track of it as my inbox will delete things sometimes
I will only accept payment via paypal from my email (
I will email you back if your commission has been considered, I will not start drawing the commission until I am paid though. Please don’t pay me before I answer you though, it will not ensure that your commission will be done. When I give you the okay then payment can be made and I will begin the commission
Terms & Conditions
As this is my artwork you are receiving here are the rules
I’m allowed to post the commission on my own sites and accounts because it is my artwork.
YOU ARE  allowed to post the artwork on your tumblr/blogging account as long as I get COMPLETE CREDIT for it, As I drew it
YOU ARE NOT allowed to re-sell my work and make your own money from it. You can do whatever you want with the artwork as long as you’re not making money on it.  
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